Tokyo: Lolita, art, pizza and Q-Pot Cafe

As I already mentioned in my sakura post I went to Tokyo for a night!

Sunday I didn’t take many pictures, it was raining very hard and I was tired, wet and cold!


Of course I visited Harajuku and Closet Child in Shinjuku before meeting up with the Tokyo lolitas.

We had planned a hanami party but with the bad weather we went to the Pre-Raphelites exhibition in the Mori Art Museum instead.


Afterwards we went to Devil Craft for pizza pie and craft ale.


The next day I went to Asakusa, Ueno and Yoyogi Park where I took lots of cherry blossom photos, before meeting up with Hanna and her friend to go to the Q-pot Cafe.


It was soo good, we didn’t have to queue and the cafe exceeded my expectations.


The cheesecake looks like a wedge of cheese!


They had some special edition sakura cakes to match the new series, but I had to get the rose cupcake to match my ring!


It was much bigger than I expected and had rose jam inside! Yum. A cake set (cake + drink) cost Β₯1390, which I thought was reasonable.

After the cafe we checked out the Q-pot store opposite then I had to leave. I was headed to DisneySea!

I just got the evening pass again all the rides had mad queues, 160mins for Toy Story and 130 for Tower of Terror. Instead I walked around, met Duffy bought corn potage popcorn, watched the night show, shopped and drank a beer before catching the bus home.



I had another great weekend in Tokyo, thanks to everyone who made my weekend a fun one!

Here’s what I bought…

Emily Temple Cute frame skirt and Angelic Pretty biscuit hair clip both from Closet Child, rabbit tights socks from Wonder Rocket, cherry blossom fragrance, Shelly May plushie, Duffy popcorn bucket and neckties from DisneySea.


9 thoughts on “Tokyo: Lolita, art, pizza and Q-Pot Cafe

  1. Wow!! Your cake really looks like your ring!! Lovely cakes they had. :)) awwwww.. You met Duffy!!😍 Loved the pic of Duffy and you together!! Great buys!! Your skirt is really pretty!! Are you a big Duffy Fan too? Thank you do much for sharing!!!😊

      • Oh!! So cute!!😍 And you are so lucky to have met Duffy.😊 I visited Japan ages ago and went to Tokyo Disneyland. I loved it and had my photo taken with Mickey Mouse. Disney Sea did not exist then. Hahaha!! That just shows how long ago that was…and how old I am.. πŸ˜‡

      • Wow!! I would not mind being born in the same year as Tokyo Disneyland too!!! Add twelve to that and that is how old I am.😊 Enjoy your purchases!!πŸ˜ƒ

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