Cherry Blossom: Themed food, drink and other items!

Japan often has limited edition seasonal releases for beers, snacks, drinks, and fragranced items, and every year we can enjoy sakura mochi – but it seems this season there have been many more exciting things to try!

I already posted about Haagen Dazz ice cream here.


And Starbucks Sakura drinks here.


But I’ve also now tried…

Royal Milk Tea sakura edition.

Sakura Baton d’or, given by Js coworker. Apparently they are limited edition, only available in department stores where you have to queue for over an hour to buy them! Thank you Aya!

Sakura tea, part of my white day gift from J.

Cookies I bought for J!

Sakura craft beer I had in Tokyo, tasted like a beer version of the ice cream.

Sakura and mojito, two of my favorite things, and taste so good together.

Sakura washing powder, now my bedding can smell like spring too!

Sakura body spray, I really like the scent!

MacDonalds have even released a sakura burger and sakura float drink.

It doesn’t look too appetizing though and I’m not planning on trying it!

If there are any other interesting sakura items about let me know, I’d love to try them before the season ends. I bought some sakura rice but haven’t cooked it yet!


2 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom: Themed food, drink and other items!

    • I’m a sucker for limited or weird flav items! The burger didn’t even look appetizing to me in the picture, was it sweet or salty? Did you try the float drink too?x

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