Japan: Shirakawa

After spending the night in Takayama we woke up early and joined a bus tour to Shirakawa. You can read my post on Takayama here.

Takayama to Shirakawa takes about 50 minutes and our cheery bus tour guide Yama-chan gave us a quick lesson on Shirakawa history on the way. He also have us maps and his recommendations.

The drive over was pretty scary actually, the roads were windy and snowy. We went through lots of tunnels, the longest being almost 11km!

Our first stop was the view point over Shirakawa where most of the promo pictures are taken from!


We were really lucky with the weather it had really cleared up!

After 20mins we boarded the bus again and went to the village itself. Buses aren’t allowed in, so we had to park in a car park on the other side of the river and walk across the rope bridge!



We visited the recommended open house – Kanda House.


Had some free tea made from grass! Actually it was nice!


Imagine this being the view from your front room.


The woman who owned the house was there, sadly she only speaks Japanese, she was telling a Japanese couple all about the house. She did give us a big smile and wave out the window as we were leaving though!



J wanted to try some local special sake called doburoku, even though it was still veryearly we went in an alcohol shop and tried it.

It was like gone off lumpy sour alcoholic yoghurt. Lol.

The same shop also sold Hida beef croquettes, so we got one of those afterwards.



After that we didn’t have much time, so headed back to the bus.



View from the rope bridge.

Thank you for the tour Yama-chan!


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