Lolita: UEDA x Kera Tea Party 2014


I was lucky enough to attend the UEDA X Kera event in Osaka again! My 2013 report is here.

The event is to promote UEDAs gothic lolita fashion course where you can be lectured by Midori and learn how to become a lolita designer!

I only got email confirmation I could go on the Monday, so quickly rushed out to buy things to complete a coordinate. I bought this lovely hairpiece by Mourn x Muuna Stoik from Atelier Pierrot.


Matching Tea Time Nostalgia tights from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and got my fringe cut back in after almost a year.


On the day I wore my new items, the Tea Time Nostalgia JSK, black ankle boots, the spoon necklace from Lona, a blouse from Axes Femme and BTSSB bolero. Actually I looked a lot like I did in Korea at the Lief tea party!

I was alone in the house so couldn’t get a full length pic, but here are my tights!


The events started with the fashion show, Metamorphose, Marble, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and then some of the students designs. 5 Kera models walked in the show including Midori and Kimura Yu <3


Kimura Yu introduced her new brand KOKOkim which is being sold in Shibuya 109.


Midori sensei gave us a small talk on lolita aesthetics and how to get kawaii proportions. She also gave a posing lesson! Kimura Yu says look straight ahead, then turn your hips sideways a little and bring a hand to the face! A lot like the pose on the right above, I’m going to try it too!


Finally we had an interview session with all the models and quiz, our table did really well, we got 4/5 right but lost out on the prize in a mean game of Paper Scissors Stone with Midori!

You can watch the entire event on UStream here.

Also Midori posted some pictures on her blog that are just adorable.

Sadly I didn’t win the lottery to have a photo with a model, so we were free to go. As we were debating what to do, Sarah and I were asked to take a Kera Snap! Yay. It was just taken in the stairway, but they asked us many things such as how we met. So we told them about our Osaka International Lolita Facebook group. Hopefully we will feature somewhere and more international and English speaking Japanese lolitas will join!



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