Osaka: Sumo Grand Tournament

The sumo grand tournament is on again in Osaka prefectural gymnasium at the moment. We went last year and really enjoyed it, so we decided to visit again this year with some friends and get box seats!

The seats cost about ¥11,500 each, and were tiny! Just four cushions in a square.

Our view was pretty good though, in the middle with no obstructions.



We had fun betting ¥10 on who would win, east or west…but in the end no money changed hands as we all pretty much evened out!


There were some epic matches with sumo turning it around at the last second, or both falling into the crowd! I especially loved it when a huge beast of a guy would loose to someone who looked half his weight!


We were there for about 5 hours, and made a few friends. The guy in our neighbouring box liked to explain what was happening again and again to us. He’d come from Tokyo especially for the tournament! Another group gave us some of their snacks! It definitely had a friendly atmosphere!



Between different levels the sumo would come on together and parade around a bit.

The higher levels involve more money, sponsors and experienced sumo.


But also a lot more prancing about, more chest slapping, leg flexing, salt throwing and sake drinking!

If you get chance to see sumo I recommend it! It’s a great chance to meet locals and watch overweight men push each other around! It’s surprising how much you get into it!

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