Osaka: Plum Blossom 2014

Everyone loves cherry blossom (sakura), but what about plum blossom (ume)?! I love seeing plum blossom as its a sure sign of spring beginning and better weather ahead!

In Osaka you can see lots of plum blossom in Osaka Castle Park. We visited a few weeks ago (11th Feb) and a few early blooming species had started to blossom.





We checked again on the 24th and many more trees had blossomed, but I don’t think it’s at it’s peak yet…last year it peaked mid-March.





Don’t be fooled by the blue skies, it’s still super cold here.

You can check the progress of blossoming flowers at major stations, they often have posters with stickers tracking bloom.


Major Plum blossom viewing spots can be found on the Japan Guide website.

And if you live in Osaka there is still time to enjoy the trees in Osaka Castle Park just follow signs for the Plum Grove.

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