Japan: Arima Onsen

I finally visited Arima Onsen! It’s been on my wish list for such a long time!



We arrived about 3pm and headed up the hill, we stopped and planned where to go while we soaked our feet in the foot spa outside Kin no Yu.


We didn’t realise beforehand that a lot of the onsens close to day guests at 2pm. We tried one that said it was open until 6 but it was closed.


On the walk uphill we grabbed a delicious croquette each.


There were huge piles of snow around from the other week!

Finally we came to Taiko No Yu. Which is open all day and has just had a renewal!


Of course I couldn’t take pictures in the onsen, but here are some from their website.


First you put your shoes in a locker, go to reception and change your key for another one, pay (¬•2400), choose your jinbei (yukata style pjs) colour and go and change into it. Then you go downstairs to the onsen entrance. The onsens and changing rooms are separated men and women, and although it doesn’t say it in English the entrances are colour coded (red/pink for women, purple/blue for men) and it says so in kanji.

Inside I put my jinbei in a locker and entered the onsen area! Naked. Well apart from my small towel. I showered and then enjoyed 4 indoor onsen and 2 saunas, then went outside to relax under the clear blue sky in more baths!

After an hour I met up with J again, we went to the food court and grabbed a drink in our jinbei. We felt we’d had enough bathing so got changed again and left.

We walked towards Tenjin Shrine and the source!



You can see the pipes running the hot water over town!


Our bus wasn’t until 6.40pm so walked around for a bit.



Soaked our feet again, and bought some Arima Wafers, these were ginger flavoured and super tasty.


If you like onsen you should visit Arima, at least for the day if not overnight. I had a great time, and even though I was the only foreigner at the onsen and there wasn’t much English guidance I felt comfortable. I want to visit again in the summer during the festival season!

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