Lolita: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Watch Mook


What’s a mook? It’s a magazine x book that usually showcases a brands goods from the past or upcoming series. It also comes with a free gift, usually of quite good quality but it varies.

Recently Baby, the Stars Shine Bright have released three mooks that are just about the gift, the magazine part is just like a small leaflet for the item.


The first was the blanket mook, then earmuffs, and now a heart watch that was released on valentines day.


What’s it like? The watch is nice, better quality than I expected, the strap is brown with a crocodile skin like effect, with metal hearts. The watch face is a light purple, without numbers, and the baby logo in the middle. Although the hands cover most of the logo and you can barely see it says Baby at all! The ticking is so loud! When I went to sleep it was really obvious and my husband couldn’t stand it, he had to get up and take it into another room! Haha. And also, the strap is quite small, I consider myself to have quite small wrists but I was nearly on the last hole.

How much was it? It was ¥3000 plus tax.


Where can I buy it? If you’re in Japan you can find it at large book stores, or ask them to order it (ISBN: 978-4800223074), you can also buy it on Amazon. If you’re not in Japan try for international shipping or use a shopping service in Japan.


Would you buy it again if you went back in time? Yeah I guess so, I don’t really need this watch but it was reasonably priced for the brand and good quality for the price.

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