Lolita: Starbucks Sakura, Kira Imai Popbox, USJ and Hello Kitty Karaoke

I had a lovely weekend, first I nipped to Jane Marple to buy the Alice dress. The staff member was very sweet and remembered me from the other week, she took the dress I wanted off the rack without me reminding her which one or colour!

Then I met with Anne who is leaving Japan soon :( We visited Starbucks for a Sakura White Chocolate drink. I got the latte and thermos drinks cup.




It tasted pretty much the same as last year, the strawberry / sakura bits in the drink were very crunchy this time.

We stopped by Loft Umeda to see the Popbox Kira Imai exhibit, which turned out just to be a small goods section of different artists. It was nice to see though, at first I wanted to buy everything but then narrowed it down to just one postcard and felt brooch.


After that we shopped, I got some more ribbon and small items.


This is the new Sanrio character Kirimichan, isn’t he crazy and cute?!

For dinner we ate sushi, I had lots of salmon and this ebi fry with eyes!


Of course, we took purikura.


Then it was time to say goodbye ;_; Good luck in your next adventure Anne!

When I got home I quickly made another hair ribbon to go with my new dress. I’m not that happy with how it turned out but it was ok, I do like the gold bunny I sewed on, he looks like the Lindt bunny.


The next day we used our Universal Studios Japan year passes for the first time!

Excited at the train station!

We went on Space Fantasy which I really enjoyed and Spiderman 4D.



By the Hello Kitty gift shop, as you can see I wore my new Jane Marple dress!

The park closes at 5pm at the moment, so we didn’t have time to go on much, but it’s good for us as we can save it for our next visit!

Finally we went to Central Osaka for dinner and karaoke! Before we went in J won an Alpacasso x Disney Stitch plushie!


At karaoke we were given the Hello Kitty room, I was so surprised! We had to take our shoes off and wear HK slippers.


We had a fun hour singing terribly and then went home.

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