Japan: Haagen-Dazs 30th Anniversary Sakura & Rose


I saw this on Facebook this morning and thought – what precious rococo flavours. I must try them!

Luckily I remembered this when I visited my local Lawson after work, and was super surprised to see they had both!



After dinner I tried them….


Rose : Turkish delight top layer, strawb-rose ice cream underneath, sharp aftertaste.
Me – 6/10
J – 7/10


Sakura : Normal salty sakura flav followed by a sweet burst of cherry.
Me – Oh interesting taste, I want more… 9/10.
J – It was sweet, it was nice, 8/10.


Yay Haagen Daaz these were great!

9 thoughts on “Japan: Haagen-Dazs 30th Anniversary Sakura & Rose

    • I’m not keen on strong rose flavours and was hoping for a delicate taste, but maybe if you just ate the ice cream underneath and not the syrupy stuff it would be! If you try them let me know what you think!x

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