Osaka: Alice in Wonderland Restaurant

I finally visited one of the Alice themed restaurants in Japan! I first tried to visit one in Tokyo in 2008/9 but the reservation system seemed so complicated we didn’t end up going.

Nowadays you can make a reservation fairly easily online. Just select the restaurant, date and time, fill in some details – name, telephone number etc and submit. I got a phone call from them just confirming details a day or so after.


The entrance.

I love the card solider!

In the lobby there is a huge revolving book you have to push and walk through to enter. Once inside we were greeted by Alice, who welcomed us to her tea party and practically skipped to our table.

The menu was in a huge heavy Alice in Wonderland book with the story at the front and back.


The food is mostly western, hamburgers, pizza, salad, doria…but they are all themed. The original cocktails are a big draw and cost more than the mains!


I chose a Mexican Shaka Shaka salad (¥780) and special cocktail from their 10th anniversary menu (¥980). J got a Cats Tail pizza and Teapot Mouse cocktail.

Alice brought my salad and mixed it with a flourish in a cocktail shaker at the table! It was really nice, it had nuts, smoked pork and salsa.


Js cocktail came and juice was poured into it from a teapot by the Mad Hatter at the table!

It looks like a mouse!

There is a ¥500 table charge per person, but for that you get a small drink.

We were told if we drank it we would become small!

There is also a 10% mandatory charge on top of the bill. So a salad, small pizza and 4 drinks came to just over ¥6500. We had a really fun time and by 7pm it was really busy. It’s definitely a fun place for a date or birthday, the food was nice but you go for the experience not the food. When we got our bill we also got some Strawberry Tea.


You can’t really see in the pictures but I wore my new Alice and the Pirates JSK as it has teacups on!


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