Lolita: Kyoto Cafe and Shrine meet

A few of us met in Kyoto over the weekend to have cake at the Lipton Cafe and visit Yasaka Shrine for their Setsubun (節分) celebrations!

The cafe was nice and relaxing, I had the yuzu mousse biscuit and tea.



After refreshments we walked to the shrine.


Outside the shrine, not the most flattering of pictures but you can see what I wore quite well! (Victorian Maiden Rococo Rose op, Angelic Pretty brown Tea party shoes, BTSSB Princess coat and bag and in my hair an Alice and the Pirates flower clip).

In the shrine we saw a dance performance, the people around the edges were playing musical instruments and the dancers (can you see them?!) danced very slowly and steadily on the podium.


Afterwards everyone threw packets of dried beans into the crowd! Setsubun is bean throwing day! Where you throw beans around your house to ward off evil spirits. I wasn’t lucky enough to catch any but Liping was!


We saw that in an hour maiko and geisha would do the same, so we went for a little walk and came back to see it. It was so much busier, lots of semi-professional/hobbyist photographers were there, and lots of regular people with cameras and smartphones!


I hear it’s rare to see real maiko or geisha in Kyoto, the ones you see around Gion are people doing the geisha experience not authentic ones. So it was really fascinating to see real ones!


Lots of people were queueing for something else, and we were intrigued, after some investigation we realised it was a raffle! We all decided to do it! First we got tickets which came with some beans, and then queued to pick our prize tickets out of a box.

Prizes ranged from a single orange to a bike or kimono! Ooo…would any of us be lucky? Lol. Nope. I got a hot water bottle which I already have, so I traded Saori for her can of gin and tonic! Hehe.

After that excitement we browsed the festival stalls in the shrine, took purikura and shopped a little.


As you walk around Kyoto you will see a lot of Yojiya shops, they are famous for facial blotting paper but also make traditional cosmetics as used by maiko and geisha. I’d been in many times before and never bought anything but this time a cute pink blusher caught my eye!


The shade is さくら (sakura)!

About 4.30pm I said goodbye to everyone and headed out, but quickly checked Baby, the Stars Shine Bright on the way and so glad I did….they had one Tea Time Nostalgia in my preferred colourway! Lucky.


Isn’t it pretty?

So I had a really great day, ate some cake, made new friends, saw real maiko/geisha, won some gin and tonic, bought some nice cosmetics and a dress I thought was sold out everywhere!!! So happy!!

2 thoughts on “Lolita: Kyoto Cafe and Shrine meet

  1. Really enjoyed reading this post!! Sounds like you had such a great day!! So happy for you too and that dress is very pretty too!! Great buy!!:)) thank you always for the lovely pics and I think both you and your friends look really cute in that photo!!:))

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