Lolita: Jane Marple

Recently I have found myself loving Jane Marple more and more… Their Royal stamp print is at the top of my wish list and has been for some time.



But I also love their Royal Order and Alice series.



Jane Marple runs a little more expensive than other brands I like, around ¥42,000 for a dress compared to around ¥26,000 from Innocent World or Angelic Pretty. Their sizes run a little small for me too, usually a 64cm waist without shirring. So it is for these reasons I’ve never bought anything before.

Although times are changing! I bought my first JM from Maiden Clothing 2nd hand store (a jacket) when I went shopping with Tomoko, and wore it the next day on a trip to Kobe!


I visited the lolita stores in Vivre, some second hand shops in the shotengai and Ahiruya Apartment, an official JM stockist and indies lolita shop.

Ahiruya were the ones who organised the event I went to in Kobe back in October. Now it makes more sense why many attendees were wearing JM! Haha.

It was my first time to visit the store and I was happy to see many of the items from the lolita fair were available there. They had a medium selection of JM, and some on sale too! I got a purse from the Royal Library series 50% off!

The staff member was so sweet, she packaged it up with lots of JM leaflets and info.


Including two mini booklets reporting on the event I attended!


Yay. Very happy with my JM purchases so far, hopefully I can extend my collection in the near future!

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