Lolita: Tama x Kera Shop Event Osaka

On the 26th there was an event at Kera Shop Osaka with the artist Tama. I met Tomoko and we went together.



Ooh so much cute but slightly evil merchandise! I took so long trying to decide what to buy as I liked so much! There were art books, post cards, letter sets, bags, special limited ed OPs, eco bags, posters and badges. In the end I bought a poster and a few badges.

The special part was that if you spent over ¥1050 Tama would draw for you!


I really didn’t think ahead so didn’t have anything for her to draw on! Those organised people brought those hardback paper squares you can buy in Daiso that famous people draw on and they display in restaurants…but I had nothing. I was pretty embarrassed because of this and because my Japanese is just getting worse!

Tomoko had her new journal for her to decorate…


So so cute! You could request your style of drawing! It was fascinating watching the drawing come together, the first thing to be drawn was the face outline with hair indents so it looked like a cat!

I asked her to draw on the poster I bought, I hope she didn’t mind redrawing on a drawing!


Afterwards we went by Anamune for some food.


Took purikura…



And dropped by Angelic Pretty and Maiden Clothing. I almost bought Radiant Candlelight in navy from AP but I felt it was just a little too tight in the bust for me, Tomoko got it in white though! I’m glad I didn’t as in Maiden Clothing I saw a Jane Marple jacket with matching skirt, it was just like one I’d been admiring instore the week before, a fraction of the price and had the Queen on the buttons. So much love.

Quickly thrown on when I got home!

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