Lolita: Wardrobe Post Jan 2014

January’s EGL theme is always Wardrobe Posts! Yay. I love seeing other peoples lolita collection but more often than not makes me fall for a print and then I spend money! I often find stock photos are really unflattering and other peoples photos capture the real beauty of the pieces.

My wardrobe starting 2014 hasn’t changed much since 2013, compared to others my wardrobe is very small. Having lived in Japan for more than 18months now I haven’t bought much since being here. Of course I don’t earn as much here (a third of my UK wage) and seeing the items irl before buying means I can try them on and consider my purchases a lot more. As lolita is more available I don’t feel I have to quickly snap things up either. I’ve mixed some more offbrand and casual styles in nowadays as I’m also getting older I’ve moved away from sweet even more.


Victorian Maiden – Rococo Rose, 2011

Angelic Pretty – Melty Cream Donoughts, 2013

Angelic Pretty – Rose Drape Frill, 2008

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright – Flying Love from Juliet, 2012. It’s missing the bow and sash, but that’s how I got it cheap from Closet Child!

Angelic Pretty – Rose Toilette, 2007

Angelic Pretty – Chocolate Rosette, 2012

Innocent World – Delft Lotta, 2011

Emily Temple Cute – sweets op, 2013?

Angelic Pretty – Toy Parade, 2007

Angelic Pretty – short coat, 2011

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright – Princess Coat, 2013

Pink Secret Shop tea party shoes and brown Angelic pretty tea party shoes (I also have lavender, black, red and sax in the UK, along with a pair of high black boots).

Clockwise: Innocent World brown bolero, IW pink bolero, Angelic Pretty petticoat, Angelic pretty black and pink blouses, Angelic Pretty sugary carnival black cardigan, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright pink school cardigan and Metamorphose swan embroidery pink cardigan.

Emily Temple Cute – gold glittery cardigan ?
I adore this cardigan, it has some frilly detailing on the bottom of the back of the cardigan.

Left: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright black barrette, Angelic Pretty Melty Cream Donought barrette, Angelic Pretty pink bow, Angelic Pretty Toy Parade bow.
Right: Innocent World brown bow, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright cream bow, Angelic Pretty pi bow, Innocent World black velvet bow.

Floral hairpieces, the middle white one is Victorian Maiden, and front left Alice and the Pirates.

Q-pot chocolate cookie and rose cupcake rings, Angelic Pretty, and the pink bow on the right is Milk.

Angelic Pretty necklaces.

Angelic Pretty bracelet, Liz Lisa cameo pearl bracelet, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright pin (my first brand purchase in-store from 2007).

Top to bottom, left to right: Baby the Stars Shine Bright LP bag, Bon Bon chocolate box heart bag, Swimmer biscuit bags, Liz Lisa cream bag, Alice in Wonderland Disney book bag, Duffy purse, Swimmer chocolate pochette, Sanrio Little Twin Stars bag.

Milk – Heart bag, 20th anniversary edition.

Liz Lisa and offbrand hats.

I didn’t photograph all my blouses, I also have two white Angelic Pretty ones, a sheer Metamorphose blouse and some off brand ones from Axes Femme. A lot of items are still in the UK including an Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival skirt in sax, Metamorphose Apple JSK in pink x red. Tea party shoes in red, black, lavender and sax. A Baby the Stars Shine bright bag, and red heart dot Angelic Pretty bag. Some brand cardigans, head bows and accessories.

I hope you enjoyed peering into my wardrobe, please link to yours so I can see it!

*Please don’t steal my photos, please ask if you want to use them for a WTB post or something, thanks.

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