Lolita: Lucky Pack and Sales Shopping 2014

I was in Nagoya for the first business day of the year (Jan 2nd) and got up early to go to Nova, the shopping centre where most lolita stores are located.

The building opened at 10am, and I arrived about 9.30am, the queue was pretty long!



At 10am the line started to move and it wasn’t long before I was in (20mins or so), on the 5th floor it was mayhem! Girls (and some boys) grabbing LPs left right and centre! Angelic Pretty had a secondary queue, and all their stock was covered with fabric, so they were only selling lucky packs from the counter. I decided to skip AP and went to Baby first. They had a good selection of coats half price and some accessories. I got a coat I have admired for a long time as it was brown (my preferred colour) and ¥20,000 off!


J convinced me to get a LP too as I loved the bag.


I went in Innocent World but their sale items were not so great, they had lucky packs but didn’t get one. I checked Jane Marple on the 2nd floor too, they had some lovely jsks but no sale or lucky packs.

I wanted a new purse so we went to Mitsukoshi to stop by Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice, last year in Osaka they had some LPs and I almost got one. I was hoping to get a new purse at discount! The LPs were sealed very well, and had mystery items inside. The staff said they might contain pass cases, key chains, key holders, or purses…they were helping people feel the bags to guess the contents. The first I chose felt like it had a wallet sized box inside…. After some debating with myself I got it.

We checked a few other stands and I saw a YSL make up LP for ¥7,000 with ¥20,000 of stock in, but tbh all I wanted was the touché eclait.

Then we went to Parco to check high street brands! But I didn’t get far before I saw the crowds around the regular Samantha Thavasa store. 50% sale! I loved so many of the bags, I couldn’t decide on just one! J got bored and went to check out the Gundam exhibit they were having on another floor. I eventually decided on one practical everyday type bag, and went to join the long queue that snaked around the stand. Nope. The security guard directed me to the stairs, where the rest of the queue was….it ended on the 3rd floor. Waa. I waited….and waited…J came back and waited with me. By then I’d invested over an hour queueing and had grown quite attached to the bag.


So we decided to stick it out. Two hours later I paid!


By now my arms were aching and I’d definitely used up all Js shopping patience, so we headed back to the hotel to pick up our suitcase and return to Osaka.

I opened my Samantha Thavasa LP in the stn and was super happy with the items, I got a lovely wallet which I had actually admired in store previously (retail was ¥17850). I also got a pencil case (retail ¥7000) that is fairly inoffensive but not something I’d have bought.








All in all I’m happy with my sales and lucky pack shopping! I saved about ¥48,000+ (+ as Babys LP items are made especially for their LPs and so no retail price). I love my new Samantha Thavasa wallet and bag and my Baby, the Stars Shine Bright coat, bag and mini Usakumya!

Check out this news report from Shibuya 109.

4 thoughts on “Lolita: Lucky Pack and Sales Shopping 2014

  1. Wow awesome haul!! I’m going to be ready next year for AP and Baby the stars shine bright. Because that coat is just awesome and such a great deal!! Lovely pictures~

  2. Thank you for sharing! I heard that lucky pack sales are like an intense Black Friday. I was admiring the Aatp LP but I wasn’t going to suffer through time zone difference and the low low chance that I would get the international version. >_<

    • Thank you for looking! :)
      The UK doesn’t really do Black Friday but I can imagine! It’s much easier to get LPs than normal releases I think! But trying to buy in person is always better than online, they always sell out so quick and it’s stressful! I hope you can find the set at a later date!x

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