Japan: Happy New Year

Happy new year to everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I hope it’s interesting/useful.

I spent this new year holiday in Nagoya with the husband. We have had a lovely time visiting Gifu and Ise as well as enjoying all Nagoya has to offer (mostly food).



My last prayer of 2013 was at Ise-jingu, probably one of the most famous places for hatsumode (first prayer of the year) instead we did that just after midnight at Osu Kannon in Nagoya.

I ate some soba in the day for luck.

As you can see I tried to cram every new year sticker from Line Camera on there as well.

And in the evening headed to Nagashima Resort for their winter light up event, it was so pretty!


Afterwards we had a few drinks in Sakae and Osu areas, it was difficult as many places were shut!


Near midnight we went to Osu Kannon had a few drinks in the stall area, and joined in the countdown at midnight. It was really fun with the bell being rung and monks chanting, as well as lots of excited people!

Today we just took it easy in preparation for lucky pack mayhem tomorrow!

Happy 2014!

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