Lolita: Favourite Christmas Prints

It’s only a week till Christmas so here are my top 3 Christmassy prints!

1) Baby, the Stars Shine Bright – Angels Relief JSK, 2007


I bought this from Baby when it was released and was my first BTSSB dress, of course now I wish I’d kept it. It would be perfect to wear to church for midnight mass (not that I go to church, but I would if I had this).

2) Angelic Pretty – Chandelier JSK, 2008

Such a nice dress, I did manage to get the OP at the time (as my 2nd choice), but I was too big for it. I’m not sure if APs sizes got bigger now or I got smaller, perhaps a bit of both.

3) Angelic Pretty – Holy Night Story switching JSK, 2010

Reminds me of the Nutcracker.

3 thoughts on “Lolita: Favourite Christmas Prints

    • A bit of both, I usually have about 10 main pieces in my wardrobe, and swap or sell for new items. There are some in my wardrobe I really love and have had for 4-5years x

    • Also when I was getting into the fashion I did a lot of buying and selling, as it was hard to know what the dresses looked like on me and what styles suited me. It’s much better now I can go instore and try things on!x

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