Lolita: Lucky Packs 2014 (preview)

So Angelic Pretty started reservation for their new year lucky packs online on Dec 12th at 12:00. I was ready and waiting….





I wanted to buy the Candy Sprinkle JSK set in lavender, after lots of refreshing and lots of heavy traffic/unavailable webpage notifications I was able to add one to my basket, I entered my username and password again and then it crashed/showed unavailable/said too much traffic and then finally showed a screen that said all the packs were sold out. What?! So even though it was in my basket I couldn’t check out as the site was too busy and so I couldn’t buy it. The most frustrating 15 minutes.


It’s not all lost though I just need to be up super early for the first day of trading after New Year to get the LP instore.

There is a special secret LP on the website too….I wonder what it will be…(apart from highly sought after and impossible to get!).


Baby, the Stars Shine Bright have also released their LPs for reservation online . They are a little more expensive than APs but I really like bags.


As well as the specially made LPs they also have some variety packs that are more like traditional LPs.

The Emily Temple Cute LPs look amazing, but are so limited (only 50!) they seem impossible to get.


Innocent World put some lucky packs online a while ago and they all sold out. They were pretty expensive even though good value for money. These are true LPs where they are full of old stock and you don’t know what your getting bar the size. Last year there were some smaller LPs instore around the ¬•15000 mark so I might try for one of those.


Normal stores also have Lucky Packs, last year I even saw them in convince stores and coffee shops! I really like the large Liz Lisa LP this year but I don’t think I’ll buy it!


Good luck with your LP shopping, try not to get trampled on too much if you go in person!


3 thoughts on “Lolita: Lucky Packs 2014 (preview)

  1. Dang, online stores crashing is always such a bummer – I know that happens a lot at the San-X Net Shop with the really special releases, too.

    I was trying to buy a gift for my dad and I was at the checkout page already, and all i had to do was enter my credit card information and then press confirm… but then it said it was sold out! Ugh it’s so frustrating!

    Good luck going in person!

  2. I wanted this too, but I’m too afraid to go into Tokyo with this massive lucky bag shopping tradition >.< maybe I can beg my sister in law to show me the way of the lucky bag. Hope you can snag one ;)

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