Lolita: International Lolita Day

December 7th was international lolita day, and as usual I was at work! Instead the following day I met with Karyn and Liping to see Kobe Luminarie.

First we visited a coffee shop to catch up, the tree there had lots of bread pinned to it, so cute!


Then we took purikura, I really like this new booth, it takes high and low angle shots, full and face shots! You can also choose really crazy backgrounds like French windows and brick walls.



We visited Vivre in Kobe where the lolita shops are based – Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Kera Shop and Metamorphose. Angelic Pretty has a small sample sale but I didn’t get anything. Baby had some special blankets with the Soirée of the beginning of my memories print. It was a special edition and ¥3990, they just had 3 left. Perfect! So we bought one each!


The underside is so soft!

Afterwards we stopped by Tutuanna where I bought everything! Ok maybe not *everything* but 3 pairs of tights and 3 pairs of socks. The Christmas Tutuanna adverts are so cute they have suckered me into buy lots of reindeer socks.

After that it was dark enough to start the luminaire! I’d forgotten how busy it was last year and we had to follow some frustratingly complex route to even join the right line. It took about 50mins to walk.




We enjoyed looking at the lights and listening to church music whilst we ate sausage and stayed warm wrapped in our matching btssb blankets!

I had a lovely day thank you! Merry Christmas!

10 thoughts on “Lolita: International Lolita Day

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  2. That is cute with the decorations of bread. Oh nice purikura, you three look so happy :D I saw on AP the pre-order for the lucky bags have started but I missed it >.< There's one that says coming soon so I'm checking daily to try and get a good deal, did you get anything yet?

    • Aw I got halfway through writing a post about how crazy frustrating that was. I tried to order the JSK set, and kept refreshing but said traffic was too heavy, I did manage to add one to my basket. But then it wouldn’t let me checkout kept saying webpage unavailable, then it led me to a screen saying sold out. Everything sold out. Wth. So will go on jan 2nd and try instore!x

  3. I’m glad you all had so much fun! Sadly, I was too busy to celebrate this time, but I enjoy knowing other people got to celebrate it! Maybe I’ll get the chance next time~

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