Lolita: Angelic Pretty Winter 2013

Angelic Prettys velvet winter release this year is….


Radiant Candlelight!

It’s simple and elegant. Although to me it looks very much like their Chandelier print from 2008.

Which I once used to own.

I like the high neck JSK as I think the style is very unique. I like the skirt style too, which is similar to Gloria their velvet series last year, with a sheer layer over the top.


If you look online for pictures of the Angelic Pretty Glorious Night Carnival tea party event you can catch glimpses of Maki wearing the new print.

The series will be released this weekend (December 7th) but I don’t think I’ll get it, the prices are a little higher than usual and I feel you would be very limited as to when you could wear it. Although my opinion could always change when I see it irl!

One thought on “Lolita: Angelic Pretty Winter 2013

  1. Ha ha that’s how it always is once you see it in person it all changes. They’re pretty but maybe it is limited to when and where you could wear them. Oh look at that the prices are a bit more, wonder why >.<

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