Lolita: Angelic Pretty Melty Cream Doughnuts

I was pretty lucky as the Melty Cream Doughnuts release was unusually split over two days. Some items (the jsks, socks…) were released Saturday 16th Nov, and the rest (OPs, skirt) on Sunday 17th.

I went to the store about 15 minutes before opening, and there were already 6 lolitas waiting.



I had managed to buy the doughnut necklace and ring in brown from the website in my break on Saturday, but couldn’t decide on a style or colour way for a main piece. I hoped I could decide when the time came.


A little after 11am the doors were opened and the other girls (who had already received tickets), walked in and picked up the OPs. The girl in front of me didn’t choose one so I was able to consider it in brown. The brown and cream JSKs were still there so I took them to try on. Omg the OP looked ridiculous on me. The shop girl was saying kawaii and I was like are you serious?! How can you say that with a straight face. The dress’ ‘waistline’ cut my bust in half and then hung off the end of it. Not flattering. Luckily the JSK fit better. The cream looked a little dirty so went for brown.

So here it is…

Worn in Yoyogi Park. I just wore it simply as had little time to plan a coordinate, I’m wearing the matching barrette, matching AP necklace and ring, AP 2013 LP blouse, brown tights and AP brown Teaparty shoes. I’ll try harder next time!

Close ups…


I love the little spoon and fork on the bow, it’s on the barrette too.


The straps are adorable they are quite thin with lace and brown velvet bows.

Overall I love his dress! It’s comfortable, surprisingly warm, and cute! Very happy.

3 thoughts on “Lolita: Angelic Pretty Melty Cream Doughnuts

    • Thank you, they released a similar plastic jewelry set like this before so I knew I had to get it this time! I love tea party shoes too, I currently have 5 identical pairs!x

  1. I love it! I really should have tried to get my hands on this because it looks so cute on you :D but I’m sure one day I’ll have a chance. Your ring and necklace are super adorable as well. He he I think the shop girls wont ever say anything but it looks cute maybe part of the job ;) that painted a weird mental picture of how it didn’t fit…that dress much be awkward. But I’m so glad you got a JSK, super cute!! How many dresses do they sell only 6?

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