Tokyo Disneyland: Christmas Goods 2013

I haven’t been able to get to Tokyo Disneyland for their Christmas season, but I have been in the past and it was fantastic!

Luckily my friend has been twice this month and was kind enough to pick up a few things for me!



Christmas Duffy and Shelly May! I love Duffys wooly hat and Shelly May looks almost lolita-ish.

I also love the Mickey gingerbread man and Snowman, so asked for these pens.

Of course there were more in the original set, but I gave some away (I kept the cutest ones thou!).

You can browse their Christmas items here, I especially love the Shelly Mae hand towel, hand cream and the Gingerbread Mickey cushion.



2 thoughts on “Tokyo Disneyland: Christmas Goods 2013

  1. Oh my gosh that cushion is on my wishlist too! We almost went Wednesday but at the last second my husband sister invited us over. I’m hoping to head over next week. I hope you can go too!! Duffy and Shelly May are so cute~and those pens >.< cuteness overload.
    You're friends is awesome going twice in one month, if you needed to get anything else let me know ;) But I'm going to Disneyland again…I can never bring myself to go to Disney sea because I want to try the Monsters Inc ride.

    • They really have the cutest stuff! I know, if I loved closer I’d get a year pass and go every month!
      Thank you for offering that’s very kind of you, have a great time when you go again and take lots of pics so I can see too!x

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