Kyoto: Autumn colours

After staying in the capsule hotel on the 18th November we visited Arashiyama and Higashiyama to view some autumn colours. I think we were a little early as I’ve seen friends photos since and the colours are much more vibrant.






We ate croquettes and walked around, it was pretty busy.

Then we visited Higashiyama, strolled around the small park, browsed the shops and people watched.


We saw three wedding parties taking photos in the leaves, you can see one couple in the last picture if you look closely.

We hung around until 6.30pm when Kiyomizudera opened for the night time light up event. People started queuing from about 6 and the line ran all the way down the street! Luckily once the doors opened it moved pretty quickly. Even though we were super tired and cold it was worth it when we saw this.


You can check the status of the Autumn colours here.


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