Lolita: Oshare Bunkasai Kobe

Oshare Bunkasai happened a few weeks ago now, and sadly I don’t have many pictures.

Here’s what I wore, it was a last minute decision to attend so I wore the same as I did to Disneyland!



First it was a lolita indies brand fair, where you entered through a tiny door Alice in Wonderland style. The room was jam packed with stalls and pettis!

My lovely companions for the day!

I didn’t buy much but saw lots I liked, I just got a small spoon hair clip. It seemed 90% of the attendees were wearing Jane Marple and/or had a Milk heart bag, it was so strange.

Thanks to Saori who was volunteering at the event we were able to get tickets to the second part of the event a Kokusyoku Sumire performance!


The event was closed, stalls removed and chairs laid out for the concert. It was a very special experience, the clothes were cute and the music angelic. Unfortunately for me I got a numb bottom and there was a very strong smell of Stilton coming from somewhere…which kind of took away a bit of the magic, but only a bit.

Thank you to everyone I had a great day! <3


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