Osaka: Open-air Museum of Old Japanese Farm Houses

I eventually visited the Osaka Open-air Museum of Old Japanese Farm Houses! Could it have a longer name? Least it’s descriptive, you know exactly what your getting.




There are 11 houses in total, most you can go right inside.



Some of the houses have volunteers in who will tell you about the house, and they burn fires, which apparently help protect the wood.



One of the houses has a cafe set up in, it’s very basic but nice to take shelter in and warm up with a (strong) coffee.


The grounds where the houses are positioned are very nice and well maintained, there were lots of ripe persimmons when we visited and lots of pretty flowers.


The last house is the biggest and most impressive, it was moved from Gifu where it was part of a village of similar houses used for silk worm farming. The attic was filled with the worms and about 20 people lived below, apparently you could hear the silk worms munching all the way downstairs! Eww.

3 thoughts on “Osaka: Open-air Museum of Old Japanese Farm Houses

  1. Ha that does have a long name! Wow to be able to go see such well preserve houses of old world Japan, it’s very cool looking inside :D
    He he that’s nice they have a cafe set up. Eww the silk worms sound kind of scary they’d live upstairs and you could hear them >.<

    Looks like such fun, thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures!!

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