Lolita: New AP releases

Angelic Pretty just put pictures of the Melty Cream Doughnut series on their website.




It looks so cute, I like it more here than in the Kera advert.



I really like the cream colour way, but not sure if I’d like the skirt, JSK or OP! I guess it depends on what I can get my hands on, I expect this series to sell out pretty much instantly.
Sadly for me releases are always Saturdays (apart from Holy Lantern that was Friday) and I work all day on Saturday. I am in a class at 12 when the items are released online, and they sell out within minutes. I have to be at the store Sunday morning when they open and hope there is something good left!

The design reminds me of Petit Patisserie which has been on my wish list for a long time, occasionally I see it for auction but the prices are still quite high.


The Angelic Pretty Winter 2013 catalog was recently released and there are some scans available online. A lot of people like this Wonder Queen series.


I like it but don’t love it (yet!). I definitely need more pictures!


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