Osaka International Lolita Meet: Nissin Cup Noodle museum

I met with some lovely lolitas on Sunday to visit the cup noodle museum again.


I decorated my cup halloween themed!


The other ladies designs were far superior! Kapibarasan, a melon pan turtle and dripping blood horror cup noodles!

Annes noodles! I got chilli tomato soup, garlic chips, onion, ham (the special flav) and cheese, so it’s like pizza or pasta!

Watching our noodles being manufactured!



Afterwards we toured the small museum and took some photos.


Our tummies were starting to rumble so we left and went to the famous ramen shop Ippudo around the corner…continuing our noodle theme!

I got the Momofuku ramen!

We went back to Umeda to go shopping Qpot, Fint, Swimmer… And then we were ready for food again! One vote was for sushi, another beer and another desert. Hmm..alcoholic sushi desert?!

First we went to Kaiten Sushi Yodobashi in Yodobashi Camera. I have to admit it was my first time to eat in a sushi restaurant in Japan!! Unbelievable, but my husband doesn’t like sushi!



I had prawn and salmon sushi with a side order of beer. It was very nice. Afterwards we browsed a few floors and found some weird women’s electrical beauty goods. Ones that pound your face, and blow ionic(?)air on your eyes.

Panasonic beauty!

Our last stop of the day was a Milky cafe for desert! I didn’t actually get any but how gorgeous does this look?!


I had a lovely time and look forward to meeting again! Thank yooooou!x


Rilakkuma: Happy Natural Time

I don’t know about you but I have been enjoying some happy natural time recently! Today I got my new yearly visa for Japan (yay!), got my own WiMAX so I can enjoy internet anywhere and popped to the Rilakkuma store to pick up some new goodies.

First I got the Rilakkuma plush from the Happy Natural Time / Fruit Pie / Deer series. What is the right name for this range? I wish naming was clearer!





Hes so lovely and soft! I almost got the Kii owl but changed my mind and got Rilakkuma. The keychain plushies definitely had more pointy shaped ears and wish the bigger plushies had too. I love the little deer tail on the cape and the cape is also so so soft <3 (Sorry for the fuzzy iPad pics, will try and take better ones in daylight).

At the same time I got a sweater.


And they had some of the Yamanote Line pieces in, so got the keychain, it’s adorable!


It’s a shame the Rilakkuma Stores don’t have points cards, I’m sure I’d be due a free gift or discount by now!

The Lawson x Rilakkuma raffle doesn’t start until Oct 14th but in the meantime they had the free files with purchases of 2 selected items. I got some Rilakkuma cake and chocolate!



I forgot to mention I got my Lawson x Happy Natural Time mug.

It has a printing mistake in the ‘natural’, I wonder if that makes it rare?!