Happy Halloween




Halloween in Japan seems as big a deal as Christmas! I’ve seen decorations in the shops since late Aug.

A lot of cakes and sweets become pumpkin flavoured like these delicious Kit Kats.


A lot of stores like Plaza, Loft and Tokyu Hands stock costumes, stickers, lanterns etc so you can host the perfect Halloween Party.

My costume this year…


Do you recognise it? Kiki from, Kikis Delivery Service!


I really liked this costume because it was easy to wear, not too short or wenchy, and on theme seeing as Kiki is actually a witch!

I decorated my nails too but they only lasted a day before all the stickers started to come unstuck!


For lunch I ate my Halloween Cup Noodles that I made at the noodle factory a few weeks ago.


They were really delicious, but because of my busy schedule could only eat about half ;_;

In the evening we went to Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori, it was so so busy, and so many people had dressed up.

Js friend was acting as a shop dummy outside Forever 21 and scaring people when he moved, it was so much fun to watch, he was amazing.

I had lots of photos with zombies, witches, doraemon, Wendy from the Adams Family, No face and Bruce Lee. Lots of laughs, thank you Osaka!



Hope you all had a fun Halloween!


4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Happy Halloween, looks like lots of fun! Your costume is super cute, I love Kiki’s delivery service :D I should try those new Kit Kats. Did you watch any scary movies?

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