Tokyo Weekend: Halloween Disneyland with the Tokyo Lolitas

My next day in Tokyo I got up at 6am, quietly got ready and snuck out the hostel, Disneyland is the only thing that would get me up at this time!



There were 4 must do items on my list, go on a big ride, see a parade, meet a character and go to the gift shops! And we did all 4!


We went on Alice’s Teacups (the most underrated ride ever!), the carousel, Pirates of the Caribbean, Winnie the Pooh, the go karts and the Haunted Mansion.


All the fast passes sold out super quick, we were only able to fast pass the Haunted Mansion but it was ok as it was our priority ride! The mansion gets Nightmare Before Christmas themed for Halloween so it’s always good, I especially love the uniform the staff wear for that ride.


We were able to see the Halloween Parade as we were trapped between the Haunted Mansion and tea cups. The staff initiated a one way system and of course it was the wrong direction for us, they kept telling us to move and we were trying to say we didn’t want to as it was the wrong way. All very frustrating.


We tried to meet some characters but every time we did it was just as the character was finishing their meet and greet! I did get to hi five Mickey though.


And we had a group photo with Mary Poppins, the most lolita character!

She was very sweet and very British! She bossed us into position for the photo!

I was disappointed to find that Disneyland is still a Duffy free zone, in the gift shops at least, lots of visitors had Duffy.

So many Duffys!

I wore APs Chocolate Rosette with my new gold Emily Temple Cute cardigan, it’s so pretty and glittery! Tokyo Disneyland is pretty good with lolitas, you can’t wear a full character costume but they are used to seeing lolitas and understand its a fashion not costume. I have been to the Paris Disneyland in lolita before, but always toned down (non print JSK with a cardigan) and put my headbow on after getting through the gates.

The Disney magic was in full force as the Tokyo one is celebrating its 30th year. The castle looked gorgeous decorated with Mickey balloons!


And all the Halloween decorations!


I got my bus home from outside the park so enjoyed the end of day fireworks whilst they played magical Disney music!



Thanks to everyone for making my weekend special, especially Sarah for organizing the Disney meet up!


11 thoughts on “Tokyo Weekend: Halloween Disneyland with the Tokyo Lolitas

  1. Wheee so awesome!! I’m glad you got to do everything on your list! I really need to go to Disney soon – even though I live by Disney World, I haven’t actually visited in over 5 years! Your photos make me want to go haha

    • You need to get a years pass! :) I would love to live so close!!! I live quite close to Universal studios Japan but I haven’t been yet…planning on going in a few weeks for their Halloween event. Getting chased by Sadeko sounds pretty frightening though not sure I actually really want to go! Lol.
      Please take Rilakkuma to Disneyworld and take lots of photos!x

  2. What an awesome day you had, I am so jealous you got to take pictures with Marry Poppins (I have never even seen her). I really like the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, though I feel Johnny Depp looks so real >.< How bad was the wait for Monsters Inc.?

    Your photos are so pretty, I'm glad to see the floats :D Wow I never expected people would have something against Lolita dressed, are there places that won't allow it? I'm still totally new with my one dress (but Christmas is coming up).

    I wonder why Duffy is only Disney Sea…to get more people there you think?

    • I really did! Thank you.
      I’ve never seen Mary P there before either, she was pretty good and totally in character!
      Quite a few people have bad experiences in lolita, especially at Disneyland but also other places like the palace of Versailles in Paris. Some institutions can be quite rude about it. It’s difficult for people to distinguish between a fashion and a costume.
      Yes, Christmas isn’t too far away. Whats at the top of your wish list?!
      And I suspect that’s exactly the reason for Duffy!x

      • I’ve been wanting a few Dvds and a 3DS but I might just add some dresses to the top. How about you what are you asking Santa for? hehe Also do you ever wear wigs? I was thinking about buying one.

      • I’ve no idea what to ask Santa for this year, I need a new wallet, so maybe that!
        You should ask for money and get some lucky packs if there isn’t a specific dress you want! Lps are so good for new lolitas too. You can often get an AP JSK, blouse, socks and bag for ¬•15,000. I’m sure the LP info will be released next month.
        No I don’t wear wigs, now my hair is pretty long I’ve been toying with the idea of a short bob….but I’m not sure. I can recommend Priscilla wigs to you as I know they are good quality (but that also comes at a price!) they are a Japanese company so you can go to the store and get the shop girls to help you and give advice, and Lockshop/Gothic Lolita wigs are popular too.

  3. Lovely lovely pictures! It’s wonderful that you got to meet Mary Poppins, she’s one of my favourites. I always get too nervous to say hello to the characters though haha. The Halloween parade looks amazing, and the specially decorated Haunted Mansion. I like your coord a lot- Duffy goes well with classic/sweet lolita I think! I wish there would be an Innocent World x Duffy collaboration.

    • Thank you! <3
      She was a really good Mary P, and if she wasn't British she did a very good job of pretending to be!
      Duffy with an IW boy style outfit would be so so adorable! I would buy it! :D
      Thanks for commenting Sapphira!x

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