Tokyo Weekend: Lolita Shopping

What a busy weekend. I nipped to Tokyo for one night to see some friends! The first day I went to Asakusa as it was near my hostel and nothing else was open yet.



It was 9am and already so busy!! The front lantern and statues were all covered up for restoration, which is a shame if it’s your first visit.

I quickly went to Shinjuku to visit Marui, it was sad to see Marui One closed, but the renewal shop is just around the corner and very similar. There was a Kera Snap taking place when I went and it was lovely to see so many dressed up people! I didn’t go to it as I just stepped off the night bus and was dressed casually in a dress from Axes Femme.

Angelic Pretty had a few Misty Sky rerelease items left, but I decided I didn’t love the colors/styles that were left so put it back.


Closet Child opened at 12.00 so I was there at 12.01! Surprisingly there was nothing I wanted there either!

Next I jumped on the train to Harajuku, I love the Yamanote Line, it reminds me of all the times I holidayed in Tokyo, and of course I love it even more now it’s endorsed by Rilakkuma.

I met up with my lovely friend and went shopping! We giggled non-stop, and tried to make each other buy things but at the end of the day we both bought nothing!! We stopped in the posh Omotesando Hills for a late lunch at Salvatore.

It was delicious and only ¥2200 for buffet appetizers, drinks bar, pizza or pasta main and buffet desert.

With Takeshita Dori in the background!

I was so tired, so went back to my hostel to relax. I stayed at the Nui Hostel the new sister hostel to the Toco where I’ve stayed before. It was nice, but a bit too big and not as friendly as the Toco. I think I’d stay there with friends, and the Toco alone.

In the local 7 Eleven I found the Mickey pumpkin lantern I wanted last year but didn’t buy! They must have had some left over stock!


I went to bed about 7.30pm and watched tv, conserving my energy for Disneyland!

3 thoughts on “Tokyo Weekend: Lolita Shopping

  1. How awesome! I liked the Misty Sky’s but yeah everything good was taken, I hope you can get your hands on a dress!! Oh wow can’t wait for Disneyland photos~I should have met with you since you were so close ha but next time still waiting for the hubby to take some time off so we can go to Osaka >.< wow that is such a cute Mickey lantern!!

    • Maybe so ed ay! Have you seen the new donut angelic pretty print that’s coming out?! Looks v cute, I might try for the skirt but will see… I know I wanted to meet with you but already had a full schedule, by sun eve I was so tired! ;_;
      I was so happy to find that Mickey lantern again!

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