Alpacasso アルパカッソ

I love Rilakkuma but I occasionally have my head turned by other characters such as Alpacasso!





Isn’t he handsome?! He’s made by Amuse and you can (normally) only get him in UFO crane catchers.

I won a small one from the cafe series last week.

It took us a few tries to win and cost about ¥600.

The large Alpacassos are normally in the worst machines, with only a two prong grabber and weak power. So I couldn’t believe it when I saw 3 large ones for sale in Tennoji!





He’s so soft and the perfect shape for cuddles/cushion/pillow.

Look how big he is!

I love how the Amuse items have rosy cheeks!



I was lucky to find a small panda and won him for ¥200!


I’d love a rabbit and big panda sometime too! So much cute!! <3

6 thoughts on “Alpacasso アルパカッソ

  1. I LIKE ARPAKASSO TOO! He’s very sweet and lovely <3
    Congrats for your win! I hope to see more arpakasso from you ^^ He is really worth to collect <3 Sadly my budget is already all over for rilakkuma & duffy now so I can't collect him yet T.T

    • I love Duffy too! In fact I’m going to Disneyland this weeknd, good reason to use my Duffy pouch, towel and charm! Lol. No doubt I’ll buy more at the park too! I couldn’t start collecting alpacasso he’s so huge!!! One or two are ok though :D

  2. Oh dang, whenever I talk to people about Rilakkuma, they always end up asking me about Arpakasso too, and I really don’t know anything about him, so thanks for this post haha. He’s super cute!! Congrats on your winnings!

    • Lol I would have never put the two together! I only know him as he’s popular with lolitas. He’s pretty cute and cuddly though! I don’t know much about him tbh, just who makes him and his name! :) maybe we will become a little better acquainted in the future!x

  3. Ah Alpacasso, I have been trying to get one forever! I like when they dress them up for holidays. I never know where to buy them >.< this is awesome yours is so cute!!

    • Holiday theme would be so cute!! :D I’ve seen a few in Sega and Namco places, but they are always in the most difficult machines! T_T
      I saw the big one for sale in Olympic? store in Ito Yokado, so maybe have a scavenge in your local one, he might be hiding there too! Fingers crossed!x

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