Rilakkuma: Happy Natural Time

I don’t know about you but I have been enjoying some happy natural time recently! Today I got my new yearly visa for Japan (yay!), got my own WiMAX so I can enjoy internet anywhere and popped to the Rilakkuma store to pick up some new goodies.

First I got the Rilakkuma plush from the Happy Natural Time / Fruit Pie / Deer series. What is the right name for this range? I wish naming was clearer!





Hes so lovely and soft! I almost got the Kii owl but changed my mind and got Rilakkuma. The keychain plushies definitely had more pointy shaped ears and wish the bigger plushies had too. I love the little deer tail on the cape and the cape is also so so soft <3 (Sorry for the fuzzy iPad pics, will try and take better ones in daylight).

At the same time I got a sweater.


And they had some of the Yamanote Line pieces in, so got the keychain, it’s adorable!


It’s a shame the Rilakkuma Stores don’t have points cards, I’m sure I’d be due a free gift or discount by now!

The Lawson x Rilakkuma raffle doesn’t start until Oct 14th but in the meantime they had the free files with purchases of 2 selected items. I got some Rilakkuma cake and chocolate!



I forgot to mention I got my Lawson x Happy Natural Time mug.

It has a printing mistake in the ‘natural’, I wonder if that makes it rare?!

17 thoughts on “Rilakkuma: Happy Natural Time

  1. Whoa, great haul! The sweater looks great, and it’s so exciting to finally see the Happy Natural Time (I think that’s the “official” series name but it’s so long haha) Rilakkuma up close – he’s so adorable! Congrats!! :D

  2. Yup!! I love the sweater too!! Looks good on you!!=]] Super cute Rilakkuma and yes, I love chick too for this series. Getting us all excited here!! Hahaha!!!

  3. OMG the lawson goodies is soooo cute! I wish I lived in Japan so I can get them for free– haha. Anyway the deer series is so ah-dorable, too! I can’t wait to get mine :)

  4. Congrats, you got your mug (I need to run and get the flyer). Your sweater is so cute, did you get it at the Rilakkuma store? Yay the Natural time plushies are here, he’s so cuddly looking.I should get mine before they sell out >.<. I love the Yamanote line keychain!

    • Thank you, I’m halfway to my next now too! I got the sweater at the store, they’ve had them all summer but it’s only since the colder weather has been setting in I gave them a second look!
      I’m so surprised you haven’t got them already! Aren’t you as keen on this series? Or just waiting for the caravan like everyone else?

      • Yay! I’m glad you were able to get them, Umeda only had like 15 out but don’t know if they had more in the back. The sweater was only ¥1999! They had grey and black too, and some other designs. Make a post when you get one so I can see! :D

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