Happy Autumn

Did you know Autumn officially started on August 8th?!

It’s slowly getting cooler in Osaka, a mere 24degrees C at night, and I’m back sleeping under my duvet which is gloriously comfy. The air con is taking a well deserved rest before Winter truly sets in and I need it to heat the apartment.

I love the changing seasons, all the shops have Autumn colors and snugly layers for sale.

Here are a few of my favorites….




The fansclub Rilakkuma Autumn series is super cute, featuring acorns and acorn outfits!

I won one last night with Ponta points!


Of course I love the Rilakkuma store deer and pie series that’s coming soon. I started collecting my Lawson stickers for the deer and pie series mug.


The beers changed to Autumn packaging a few weeks go, I was sad to see the hanabi (firework) design fade out, but the Autumn beers are slightly roasted and I like the taste.


Maple leaves will start to change color in November and Chestnut picking will start mid September.

I’m looking forward to eating lots of Mont Blancs, taking koyo pictures especially in Minoo Park and Kyoto, Halloween, wearing comfy knitted jumpers and the decline of Mosquitos!

With the cooler weather it’s more comfortable to wear lolita again so I’m looking forward to making some new coordinates and going to lots of meet ups, the first of which is on Sunday!


Lolita make over shop Tokyo

A few weeks ago I found a fairly nice article on Masion de Julietta a lolita fashion dress up service in Tokyo. It wasn’t full of the usual inflammatory remarks and misconcepts The Daily Mail usually prints.


Has anyone been or planning on going? It’d be great if they could teach me some make up tricks and how to tie the perfect bow.



Monsters University

I really want to see Monsters University, I love Mike and his giant contact lens! Sadly it seems I’ve left it too late and although the local cinemas are still showing it its now only in Japanese.

Although Mike and Sully talking in Japanese is the cutest thing ever(!), I’m not sure I want to pay ¥1800 (£12) to half understand a movie.

Instead I’ve bought this wonderful Monsters University bag (free with Zipper magazine)…



…and Monsters University cap! Whoop. I saw it on a girl on Tokyo Fashion and wanted it (even though hats don’t suit me!). Now I match little Mike – who we won in a UFO crane machine when we went to Kyoto a few weeks ago.

Have you seen the movie? Should I go and watch it in Japanese or wait for the DVD?


Lolita: Angelic Pretty Tea Party Shoes

Angelic Pretty Tea Party shoes have been my go to lolita shoe ever since I got into the fashion, some time back in 2006/7.

If you don’t know what they look like –



They are a basic shoe, I find them very comfortable (I’ve been hiking and dancing in them) easy to coordinate and they come in lots of different lolita colors – pink, dark pink, sax, mint, lavender, brown, black, red and more recently yellow and navy.


Even Kira Imais artwork features TPs!

The shoes cost ¥14,490 which is quite expensive. You can buy replicas from Secret Shop, and as it doesn’t have a brand name emblazoned all over it it’s a replica I don’t mind buying.


Here are a few of the TP shoes, I currently own – pink (but with a broken sole), dark pink, sax, lavender, red, brown and black. Although I only have the dark pink and brown with me in Japan. My brown and dark pink pairs are Angelic Pretty whilst the others are Secret Shop. Looking at them you can’t tell the difference at all.


My dark pink pair I bought in Angelic Pretty Osaka in 2008 when my SS ones strap broke on holiday here. I have worn them a lot and last summer got them reheeled. Unfortunately they are now completely worn out ;_;

Bye bye shoe. We had some fun times together!

Now I have to find a replacement pink lolita shoe, and Ive two big meet ups fast approaching…. Do I buy another ¥14,490 pair? SS pair? Or continue the hunt for the perfect off brand shoe?


Rilakkuma: Fansclub Halloween Rilakkuma 2013

I love official Rilakkuma Store releases, but I also love Fansclub UFO releases! Although the quality is a little less, I find the series to be cuter, and generally they are cheaper if you are good at UFO cranes! I was really excited to see the new September releases as I wanted to see the new Halloween items.

Hmm…so-so. At first I thought they were wearing Christmas hats!

Pretty standard Halloween item, I hope they light up.

Getting better….I like Korilakkumas candy lollipop.

Squee! Yay. Ghost Rilakkuma – perfect!

They are also releasing a large size acorn Rilakkuma, I think he looks very sweet.

The orange hats on the other plushies look like orange pumpkin versions of their Wonderland series crowns…what do you think?