Osaka: Osaka Art and Handmade Bazaar Sept 2013


I went to the Osaka Art & Handmade Bazaar in March this year (previous post), so when I found out it was on again I was super excited as I wanted another pair of Flower Market earrings!


Again it was pretty busy, but I didn’t have to que to get in, it cost ¥600 entry. I recognized a lot of the stalls from my last visit, but it was good to have another chance to look at their goods. Most of the stalls were handmade jewelry, leather goods, wooden crafts, ceramics or art.


I loved so many items, but didn’t buy too much (I think!).


I bought my sister a necklace I saw which looked vintage inspired (I will save that for Christmas!), some more Flower Market earrings for myself (¥2500) and some sparkly earrings from Moff Moff (¥1200).



I arrived about 1.30pm and left about 4pm, although a lot of stalls were packing up or empty from 3.30pm. Of course I would go again, but next time I would try to go earlier!

2 thoughts on “Osaka: Osaka Art and Handmade Bazaar Sept 2013

  1. Wow!! Thank you for sharing!! The bazaar was really packed with people!! I would go too if I were there. =]] and my favourite would be that Flower Market earrings!! Absolutely lovely!! =]]

    • Not at all! Thank you for looking <3 I love my Flower Market earrings, the quality is really good. I bought a acrylic ring from another seller last time and the plastic went cloudy/discolored after only a few wears ;( they also make bracelets, necklaces, hair clips, brooches etc…but I think the earrings are best!x

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