iTunes Japan and App Store

So I’ve lived here over a year, and bought my iPad mini in Japan, but it only just occurred to me to change my App Store to the Japanese one.

It was easy to do, go to the store, and click on your ID name at the bottom, the next page has an option to change country. Then you need to input a valid address and payment option. I only have a cash card in Japan but could leave the payment option blank.

When I saved my iTunes Store and App Store all changed to the Japanese one, opening up a whole new world of apps!


After exhausting the free apps I wanted to try some paid ones so I bought a ¥1500 App Store gift card in Lawson.


I’ve since realized most if not all the ones I got are available on the UK store but never mind. I really like Line Camera, I got some Rilakkuma stamps and Halloween stamps to decorate my pictures.


Taiko no tatsujin drumming game!


Which you can see I suck at!

Any my favorite game…Animal Tower. This game just tickles me, and my sister loves it too so we must have the same juvenile sense of humor.


Let me know if you try it!

Did anyone else upgrade to iSO7? I did on my iPad and I hate it! It’s so frustrating. In fact, I can’t even get this post to change from draft to published…it keeps not saving. Rage.

2 thoughts on “iTunes Japan and App Store

  1. Oh very nice that looks pretty cool with the kuma stamps! I changed to IOS7 but I’m liking how much better it looks. I like the Japan iTunes but I wish it would just let me access the American one :(

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