Rilakkuma: Lucky find!

I love going to random shopping malls and finding old Rilakkuma stock sitting on shelves! I felt lucky today to find a keychain plushie from the 2010 Squirrel/Forest Series!


Korilakkuma is so adorable and soft! I would love to own my own big size rilaks and korilak for this series.

I was also lucky winning this LINE mascot Brown in a UFO machine for ¥100!


Of course I used my LINE camera ap to decorate the picture!

I also saw the Lawson x Rilakkuma Oden plushie in store today, he’s cute, but I didn’t need him so resisted. Has anyone bought him or planning to?

6 thoughts on “Rilakkuma: Lucky find!

  1. Wheee wow that is lucky!! I have the giga version of her that the net shop released – I really love that series! Congrats on yet another UFO plushie win, too!

    I think the oden plushie is super cute, but I don’t have a big connection to oden (I’ve only had it once) so I gave it a pass. I hope someone else gets it though, I really wanna see close-up photos haha

  2. Oh!! The Korilakkuma key chain is so cute!! Even though I love big plushies but my heart has a soft spot for key chain plushies too. =]] wow!! You are equally as talented as your hubby when it comes to catching prizes at the machines!! Love all that Halloween decor with you LINE Bear. =]]
    Oden Rilakkuma looks kind of small in the pictures, is he?

    • I agree, big plushies are the best, but small keychain ones can be cute to carry around everywhere! I was v lucky with this one! :) he was in a good position and I thought….I can get that!
      Oden Rilakkuma is a pretty good size actually, I was surprised. He’s not huge but not small either!

    • I was smiling lots when I saw it! :) yay. I didn’t care much for Halloween in the UK but love all the Halloween related plushies and releases for everything here in Japan! A student had a Cookie Monster pumpkin keychain from USJ the other day and it was the most amazing thing!!x

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