10 thoughts on “Rilakkuma: Fansclub Collection June – Sept 2013

  1. Faith is absolutely right!! I enjoyed the classical music too and it does sound really grand!! They are all so adorable!! Did you win all of them at the machines? Thanks for sharing!!

    • Yay I’m glad you think so too! :D yes I’ve won them all (or my husb has) since June! I think we have a problem! He likes playing, and I like the prizes though! I also won the picnic blanket they are sat on, a nightlight and lots of smaller keychain plushies. How about you, do you have any Fansclub Rilakkumas?x

      • I am a very big fan of UFO plushies. Where I stay, you could try it at the machines or you could even buy them at the shops. I normally buy as I am definitely not as good as your beloved husband when it comes to catching these cuties!!! You do really have a very nice collection!! Good luck for future trips to the arcade!! =]]

      • Aw thank you! That’s cool, I have seen shops where they sell them but usually quite expensive. Sometimes it would definitely be easier and less stressful to buy one, but I do have the memories of winning them :)

  2. OMGGG your fansclub collection is just too cuteeee! And yay for pachelbel’s canon classic ver as the music background hehehe
    I’d like to play the arcade and win them by my own hands someday though I’m suck playing them but it must be nice <3

    • Aw thank you <3
      Wow impressive you know the title of the song! :) I just said 'wedding' on the YouTube uploader lol.
      I'm going to post some tips soon that might help when you do play, most of the time it's not that difficult if you don't give up!

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