Osaka International Lolita Meet: Christon Cafe

Last weekend the Osaka International Lolitas met for some members birthdays at Christon Cafe. It was my second visit and since our last Osaka International Lolita meet there I’m the only member still in Osaka. This time there were two new members and it was lovely to meet them, I had a good time despite some mix up to begin with (2.5hrs late anyone?!). I didn’t actually eat anything just had a few cocktails and chatted. There was a wedding party upstairs and we were seated in a curtained off area near the entrance. Although I think this was because the organizer of the meet didn’t make a reservation.

Anyway some pictures….



I wore my Victorian Maiden Rococo Rose OP, Innocent World bolero, Victorian Maiden flower hairpiece and my new BonBon handbag. The bag was the last off the E Hyphen World Gallery website so I was happy to get it!


The quality is great and I love that it looks like a chocolate box, but the color is not what I expected its more neutral/beige than pink but I guess it will coordinate with more this way.

Pretty chandeliers.

Another Chocolate Orchestra cocktail.

Group photo. What you get when you ask random people to take your picture!

We are going to the Cup Noodle Museum next month, which I’m organizing, so I hope it will go well.

4 thoughts on “Osaka International Lolita Meet: Christon Cafe

  1. Your outfit is super cute! It looks like so much fun, now I wish I was going to the Lolita things with you, like Tokyo Disney >.< That place looks so nice, but sad about what happened to you guys. Ha random people can't take pictures of anyone can they XD
    Have fun at the Cup of Noodles museum!

    • Thank you <3 I'm sure we will do some loli x Rilakkuma things together when we finally meet! :)
      Hehe non loli people always take pictures that cut your feet off! It's imp to see the whole outfit thou!x

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