Rilakkuma: Umeda Store 5th Anniversary

I went to the Umeda store today and picked up some of the anniversary series!



I was surprised by the size of these they are more like the S size simple plushies you can buy in store.


But they have so many cute little details!





Rilakkuma is picking chestnuts he has his chestnut picking device with a captured chestnut, an autumn leaf on his tummy, chestnut on the grass next to him and basket on his back complete with a grassy flower!




Korilakkuma is wearing a chestnut cape which even peaks a little at the top so it looks like a chestnut, she’s holding a basket with a fury chestnut, two shelled ones and a flower, she also has a leaf on her bottom.

Size comparison.

From the preview picture I really loved Kii but irl he was overshadowed by the other two.

They had the Store Anniversary plush available too but I didn’t get it even though its cute, I have to watch my pennies this month.


I was lucky enough to glimpse Rilakkuma irl too, but not lucky enough to get a photo with him.



He was there to promote the Rilakkuma birthday cake, but left pretty soon after I arrived.


6 thoughts on “Rilakkuma: Umeda Store 5th Anniversary

  1. OOOooh they look even better up close! With the teeny little picture on the San-X website, I could barely see how awesomely detailed they were – especially the bear-shaped chestnut picker, and his little backpack! Even the little autumn leaves on each of them is so perfect :) :) :)

  2. Aww they’re so cute, the size fits the price I suppose >.< they are so detailed thanks for sharing all the pictures of your adventure!!

  3. Finding this store was so difficult. I got lost since I came in on the JR line. But your blog helped me find it…somewhat. I came across your blog last week when I was looking for Rilakkuma stuff, and your blog told me there was a store in Osaka. So I went on a little field trip. I can’t say though that I’d find the store again. I was terribly lost. But I loved the selection. So thanks for the post. I currently live in Akashi (which is a little over an hour away by train). Your blog has given me some things to look into while I’m living in Japan. I’ll totally be going to the Nissin Ramen Museum. :)

    • That’s really great to hear, thank you <3
      The rilakkuma store is so complicated to get to! If you come again the way I go is – go downstairs at jr station towards the midosuji subway stn, then past the midosuji gates to the hankyu line, downstairs to the gourmet museum, and walk along to the north bldg, then up 3 floors to rilakkuma. I'm sure there's an easier way but that's the way I know!
      The noodle museum is great, I hope you enjoy your visit when you go! x

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