Angelic Pretty Fancy Paper Doll Charm


I went lolita shopping today in Osaka with my friend Tomoko, I grabbed the Fancy Paper Doll charm and instantly decided to buy it!


So cute, Im not sure which bag to hang it off yet. He’s so soft with such a sweet face, the legs and arms are jointed. The series looks nice in sax irl, maybe as a skirt…but I won’t buy it. They still had a lot of Musee du Chocolat series items left, including the brown skirt which I was almost tempted by. In England I earnt more than double what I earn here, so I could buy items I wanted but couldn’t shop irl for them, and here I can shop irl for them but can’t afford! I did win this Emily Temple Cute OP on auction today though, and it was very cheap!


I’m going to Tokyo in October to visit Disneyland with the International Tokyo Lolita group and meet my friend Kaoru so I want to wear it then.

Finally, here’s a purikura from today!



2 thoughts on “Angelic Pretty Fancy Paper Doll Charm

  1. Haha I’m going to Disneyland too, I saw the Tokyo Lolita’s thing but I’m just going with Hajime…not the same day though. It looks like so much fun, with all the Halloween decorations! Wow that bunny is so cute!! And your dress~

    • Disneyland Tokyo is THE best Disneyland. I’ve been 3 times to the Tokyo one, and I’ve also been to Paris and Florida. I can’t wait to go, Disney Halloween is the best! :)
      I was hoping we might be able to meet up for a bit when I’m in Tokyo but I don’t know your schedule of course and if Ill have time ;(

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