Monsters University

I really want to see Monsters University, I love Mike and his giant contact lens! Sadly it seems I’ve left it too late and although the local cinemas are still showing it its now only in Japanese.

Although Mike and Sully talking in Japanese is the cutest thing ever(!), I’m not sure I want to pay ¥1800 (£12) to half understand a movie.

Instead I’ve bought this wonderful Monsters University bag (free with Zipper magazine)…



…and Monsters University cap! Whoop. I saw it on a girl on Tokyo Fashion and wanted it (even though hats don’t suit me!). Now I match little Mike – who we won in a UFO crane machine when we went to Kyoto a few weeks ago.

Have you seen the movie? Should I go and watch it in Japanese or wait for the DVD?


6 thoughts on “Monsters University

  1. Ah, this is the one movie I’ve been dying to see this year!! Everyone I know says it’s wonderful – but it was airing while I was vacationing, so I didn’t get a chance to see it even though there were ads for it everywhere I went. Might be cool to see it in Japanese, but it seems pretty expensive :O

    EEE that you have a hat just like little Mike!! So cute!

    • I know what you mean, but there’s been about a ten year gap so hopefully had plenty of time to make a quality follow up! Even if the movie sucks the merchandise is cute! :) x

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