Lolita: Angelic Pretty Tea Party Shoes

Angelic Pretty Tea Party shoes have been my go to lolita shoe ever since I got into the fashion, some time back in 2006/7.

If you don’t know what they look like –



They are a basic shoe, I find them very comfortable (I’ve been hiking and dancing in them) easy to coordinate and they come in lots of different lolita colors – pink, dark pink, sax, mint, lavender, brown, black, red and more recently yellow and navy.


Even Kira Imais artwork features TPs!

The shoes cost ¥14,490 which is quite expensive. You can buy replicas from Secret Shop, and as it doesn’t have a brand name emblazoned all over it it’s a replica I don’t mind buying.


Here are a few of the TP shoes, I currently own – pink (but with a broken sole), dark pink, sax, lavender, red, brown and black. Although I only have the dark pink and brown with me in Japan. My brown and dark pink pairs are Angelic Pretty whilst the others are Secret Shop. Looking at them you can’t tell the difference at all.


My dark pink pair I bought in Angelic Pretty Osaka in 2008 when my SS ones strap broke on holiday here. I have worn them a lot and last summer got them reheeled. Unfortunately they are now completely worn out ;_;

Bye bye shoe. We had some fun times together!

Now I have to find a replacement pink lolita shoe, and Ive two big meet ups fast approaching…. Do I buy another ¥14,490 pair? SS pair? Or continue the hunt for the perfect off brand shoe?


2 thoughts on “Lolita: Angelic Pretty Tea Party Shoes

  1. Wow they were so pretty. Yeah that’s expensive to buy another. The off brands I got are quite comfy but I know your not a fan of BL hmmm how about Liz Lisa or milk? But you also have second hand stores by you right? I hope you can find a nice pair!! :)

    • Yeah I always have my eyes open for loliable shoes but haven’t seem any I love :( milk is so expensive ;_; I’d love some Emily Temple Cute ones but just as expensive as APs :(
      Thanks ill keep looking!x

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