Daimonji Kyoto

We missed Daimonji last year as we were in Hiroshima.

So this year we were really looking forward to it, after googling the internets we decided to go to Funaokayama Park…..and so did everyone else.


Daimonji is basically an event where kanji characters are lit on 5 mountains in Kyoto.

Before being lit!


Just before the first one was lit everyone stood up and rushed forward, it was a real crush and a total nightmare.


We really didn’t have a good view or a nice romantic atmospheric time. Luckily we’d already had a good time at the Rilakkuma exhibit and Manga Museum so it didn’t spoilt our day. I’m glad we went just so I can tick it off my list of things to do in Kansai.

2 thoughts on “Daimonji Kyoto

  1. Sounds like a pretty cool tradition – too bad it ended up being so busy and hectic!! A lot of the special events here are the same way too :/ Even in my tiny white coat ceremony that maybe only had like 500 people max, people with cameras were pushing everyone around and getting in the way siiiigh

    • That’s crazy, I did pharmacy at uni (I now it’s not as prestigious) but we didn’t have my of that. My friend went to Durham University in the UK thou and they had to have an opening and closing ceremony every year in robes!x

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