Nara To-kae

Nara To-kae is a series of light up events around Nara city. After visiting Ivory1 with some friends I met up with J for dinner and a romantic stroll.


We went to Hahaha for food and drinks, a ¥270 place where you order with one of those electronic pens that you used to have to read books as a kid. As we left there they were just lighting the candles.



By the museum we bought a candle and lit it. They are like plain ikea beakers with a bit of water and a floating candle in. It cost ¥500 to light one.

The usher then takes your picture with it! Our candle was in the middle of a heart – ahh.


I don’t think my pictures show just how many candles there were and how spread out they were – as far as the eye could see in all directions!



It was still really hot so we walked to Todaiji and then sat by a river and had a beer.



By about 9.30pm they were dousing them and collecting the cups so we headed home, we had a really nice time and might go back again for the last night.


2 thoughts on “Nara To-kae

    • Japanese precision for you! I bet they have laser pens to line them all up or something! I wouldn’t even be able to line up 4 in a straight line! Hehe x

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