British Osaka

When I miss British culture (?!) I go to Kitahama Retro! It’s a pretty accurate British tea room, there are pictures of the Oldest Sweet shop in England in Yorkshire I’ve been to, and some signs for places we know.

With an English Post box, crest and Union Jack!

The advantages are of course that it has Japanese service! Unlike Betty’s you don’t have to wait an age to get your bill. The food is delicious, and they have a small seasonal range too.

It’s pretty popular with groups of ladies and lolitas!

I decided to try their summer iced pineapple tea. It was so delicious and refreshing. (Cake set ¥1100).

J got afternoon tea (¥2100).

I couldn’t resist a slice of Indian Chai cheesecake. Nom.

Of course I could always visit Hub the British pub for a pint if I miss home and eat some fish & chips, but it isn’t quite as authentic as I’d like.


4 thoughts on “British Osaka

  1. It looks like so much fun I want to go to the UK so badly I have so many things I want to do :D This would be an awesome place to see thanks again for always sharing such cool places (I went to closet child in Harajuku). It was picked over but I went to Bodyline and bought my first lolita outfit yay I’m one now…I hope >.< Any other sweet Lolita shops to visit? I did go to Angelic Pretty as well.

    • The UK? Really?! Lol. It’s not that great, Paris is much more awesome than London.
      This is a good resource for people new to lolita, and if you click the link it takes you to a list of stores.
      My fav stores are Innocent World, Emily Temple Cute, Angelic Pretty, Jane Marple, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Milk :) happy shopping!x

  2. Whoa this is so cool! I love seeing how different cultures are maintained in foreign countries! Especially if they’re actually accurate like this place you went to haha.

    I was in the Philippines for 4th of July this year, and the restaurant I went to that night was “American” themed – and they had like… Tex-Mex food like chili con carne and all the servers were wearing cowboy hats lol not so accurate, but still interesting to see haha

    • Haha yes it’s really interesting! :) the tea room have got it pretty right, but the hub is just wrong, it doesn’t capture the atmosphere of a British pub at all.
      It’s interesting the other way around too, my students are always surprised at Japanese places in the UK are usually not run by Japanese but Chinese or something!

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