Rilakkuma: Yamanote Rilakkuma


I love this series and I love the Yamanote Line, it reminds me of all the times I’ve stayed in Tokyo. From my first trip in 2007 to my honeymoon in 2009.

James took this video of the entire loop last summer.

The series was released when I was in Okinawa so was scared I wouldn’t be able to get anything from it, I heard from Rilakkuma Desu that they were sold out in Tokyo.


Too cute!

I was so happy today when I went to the Osaka Rilakkuma Store and they had quite a few plushies.



Tickets please! :D

6 thoughts on “Rilakkuma: Yamanote Rilakkuma

  1. Awww he’s so cute, I really want one!! You’re so lucky that Umeda still has em; I guess there’s not such a big hoopla since it’s kinda far from the Yamanote line – I’ve been looking for one of the conductors since I heard they were sold out in Tokyo! Eee also I love seeing all the plushies in a pile like that hahaha

    • I was surprised to see him there, I wanted a keychain too but they just had the plushies, he’s even cuter irl too. If I got back soon I’ll pick you one up! You mean the station master like I got? x

      • Yeah, that would be amazing if you could!! Ariel was kind enough to hook me up with the fan one, but I want him to be united with his station master counterpart too hahaha. My email is if you get a hold of one, but really no big if they run out before you get there (I know they’re hot commodities hahaha).

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