Okinawa – food & drink

There is so much to write about my trip to Okinawa I’m going to split it up into categories. First…food and drink!


Taco rice
I love Mexican food, but it’s not too popular here in Japan, except for taco rice in Okinawa!


I ate this almost every day! Rice base, with spicy mince meat, shredded lettuce, cheese, salsa and tomatoes. Charlie’s Tacos, Ishokuya Ran and a place near Moon Beach were the best!

Okinawa has a strong American influence so there are plenty of steak and hamburger places.

Sands Diner in Naha was delicious! This is an Okinawa Burger with Goya omelette inside.
We tried A&W burger but it was terrible, dry, flavourless and the fries weren’t even edible.

I didn’t eat much pork in Okinawa, but it’s famous as they eat all parts of the pig. We saw some pig trotters and face part dishes. I just had some pork somen in a restaurant, but here is some sliced pig face in the supermarket.



Described as bitter melon, it can be found in salads and some dishes. I had some vinegared and it was ok but in my salad it was too bitter and I couldn’t eat it. I did try some Goya beer and that was lovely, very crisp and dry.


Delicious! It’s like a less sharp lime. Sometimes described as Okinawan orange or Okinawan lime. It has lots of different spellings in English too. I really enjoyed drinking it, it was very refreshing! Especially combined with awamori.


Awamori is Okinawan sake. There are lots of sake shops along Kokusai Street in Naha and…everywhere!

Awamori tastes pretty strong, but mixed with water or fruit juice it was really nice.

Mixed juice awamori cocktail. Snakes are pretty common in Okinawa, and there is a sake you can get that has snakes in! It’s pretty expensive though, up to ¥47,000!


Okinawa has its own beer, Orion!



Of course it was my beer of choice on holiday!

Blue Seal

Blue Seal ice cream is pretty famous in Okinawa, made by Americans who imported dairy after the war. I really recommend the Salty Okinawa Cookie and Shikuwasa Sherbert!


Okinawa is famous for dragon fruit, mangos and pineapple. I never had pineapple like this before in my life, it was so delicious! Sweet, dense and not sharp at all, just refreshing. Even J liked it and he hates fruit!


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