Nissin Cup Noodle factory

This post is looooong over due! We went to the Nissin Cup Noodle Factory in JANUARY!


The museum area had lots of information about cup noodles, how they were invented, cup noodles in space and a huge wall of all the cup noodles ever made! There is a special vending machine where you can purchase limited cup noodles such as the JAL cup to eat there.


But what we really went for…was to make our own cup noodles!

First you buy an empty cup from a vending machine for ¥500.


Then you sit down and decorate it!


After that it needs filling with your choice of ingredients!

The menu, you choose one soup stock flavour and 4 toppings.

The filling station.

Adding the dry noodles.


My choices. Curry soup, prawn, garlic flakes, green onion and naruto (the chicken pictures).

Before you get it the cup is sealed and shrink wrapped.

To make sure it gets home safe you put it in this special bag and inflate it to protect your noddles until you get home.


But the real test is how they taste….


Delicious! Just as I predicted :D


6 thoughts on “Nissin Cup Noodle factory

  1. AHH I really want to go to there!! So awesome that you designed your own cup noodles – especially the special inflatable bag hahaha what a brilliant idea. Wow, I can’t believe they’ve made so many kinds of noodles before! Super cool :D

  2. So I’ve found your blog twice and this past weekend I went to the Cup Noodle Mueseum. It was such a pleasant trip. But I would have never known about it had I not come across your blog. So that’s for the Rilakkuma posts and the noodle post. :)

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