Rilakkuma UFO haul

J tried to win more Rilakkumas over the weekend yay!

I really love the summer festival series!

We won….

A really old onsen series keitai charm.


Finally got the swimming ring keychain, happy coat keychain and fan matsuri one.




A guitar Rilakkuma from the Aloha series…for ¥100.


Then at the very end of the night another festival Rilakkuma, the assistant must have moved him closer to the edge 4-5 times but he sill wouldn’t jump off! See how easy the assistant tried to make it for us!


I know that the quality of the fansclub items isn’t as high as the Rilakkuma store items but I love these series and think they have a lot of personality. The keychain plushie quality is actually fairly low (5/10) but the small plushies are pretty good (8/10).

4 thoughts on “Rilakkuma UFO haul

    • How unfortunate! Most in Osaka have him, Sega World, Namco, Joypolis, and the smaller independent ones too. I hope you can find and win some today!x

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